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St Legere’s innovative, international landscape architectural and planning studio is structured to create high quality, inspiring landscape solutions for our clients.


Whether an urban hotel or an exotic resort, great landscape architectural designs create an attractive environment where increased occupancy and room rates can be achieved. Additionally, the landscape can be an income-generating asset when used as a venue for outdoor operator-catered occasions like parties, weddings and corporate events.  This translates to increase social media exposure and thus increased occupancy.

Hospitality landscape design must be exceptional, awe-inspiring, and photogenic, while also taking into consideration functionality and the costs of operation and maintenance. Resorts, in particular,  require concerted coordination between the architect, interior designer and landscape architect to create an integrated thematic experience which leaves a unique and lasting impression on the guest. 

Rimba 2.jpg

Rimba Hotel Jimbaran Bali, Indonesia


From luxurious grand estates to the more typical multi-family residential developments, the landscape is a critical factor in the success of a project. Site planning, the orientation of the architectural elements, and landforming create a balanced and iconic experience.

Well-designed landscapes create living environments with a sense of quality and luxury that are pleasing to owners, and highly attractive to buyers. This holds true in any market and at any price level - creative and clever landscape solutions especially enhance projects with limited budgets. The resulting increase in the project’s attraction means that available units sell quicker and at higher prices.

Picture1 R1.jpg

37 Deep Water Bay Residence

Hong Kong, China

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